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Equipment Repairer K52 Club Frankfurt 1966
A group talent contest from way back in the Sixties. All the musicians who took part lined up for the picture on stage at the YMCA Shakespeare Street, Nottingham, which was where the competition was held. The only group I can recognize and name are the ‘Paladins’ on the far left. Standing from left to right are Bob Hall, Bill Storey and Terry Knight. Kneeling from left to right are Mick Storer, Stuart Burgan and Derek Wigginton, can anyone recognize the other musicians and the bands names? Jonathan Kane front row 4th from right, front row 2nd from the right Ken Trout of ‘Jonathan Kane and the Freemen’ Courtesy Bob White
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Don Truscott
The Dancing Slipper
Annual Get Together at Brian’s….August 2017
L to R: Chris Marney / Banjo trad jazz, Ron Stocken / saxophone - Shane Wyman and the Senators, Jim Pringle / lead guitar - ShaneWyman and the Senators. Malcolm (Spike) Cooke / rythmn guitar - Tony and the Varitones, Mickey (two legs) Peters / Locarno DJ Nigel Smith / Bass guitar Andwellas Dream, Rockin Relics. Richard (Rocky) Wheatley / lead guitar - Tony and the Varitones, Bob White / bass guitar - Farron Kristy and the Vibrants Walt Savage / keyboards - Whichwhat / Sons and Lovers / X-it / Rockin Relics. Mick Chapman / Singer - Chuck Crest and the Chrystelles, Malcolm Heenan / Bass guitar - The Comanches. Brian (Stan) Stanley / Bass guitar - Shane Wyman and the Senators / Tony and the Varitones Keith (Birdy) Bird lead guitar - Ray Dane and the Diamonds front row seated - Tony (Quentin Hood) Lewis / Folk Singer and Guitarist Roger (Limmy) Lymn / singer and guitarist / Sons of Adam / Rockin Relics
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